Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Survey Time

100 Girl Confessions
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Honestly, what are you thinking about right now?: That I don't want to go to this stupid meeting.
Do you like to get your nails done?: Yeah. I actually miss having my nails.
What are your thoughts on Valentine's Day?: I just don't like it. At all.
Do you remember the last movie you saw while on a date?: The only date I've ever been on, we saw Semi Pro.
Do you love the color pink?: Not particularly. It's okay, but I love other colors more.
Have you ever cheated on someone?: No
What color is your favorite bra?: Yellow with plaid
If you took on the surname of the last person you kissed, what would it be?: Brenner
Do you kiss on the first date?: It depends. I generally don't believe in it
Do you like to wear dresses?: Sometimes.
Are you into sports?: Not particularly. I love to watch Soccer and Hockey, though.
Do you like any 'manly' activities like hunting, fishing, or camping?: I don't think so.
Did you lose your virginity before you were sixteen?: No
If not, are you still a virgin?: yes
What was the name of your first boyfriend?: Kevin
Your first kiss?: That was with Paris
Are you still with either of those people from the last 2 questions?: No
Have you ever dated anyone on your top friends?: ?
How many of your top friends have you kissed?: ?
Have you ever used your bra to hold things like you would a pocket?: Unfortunately yes. But only like once or twice.
Are you a shop-a-holic?: Sometimes. Retail Therapy.
How many purses do you own?: A fair amount. Mommy owns more than me.
Describe your favorite pair of shoes:: Black Vans with white and pink V's on the side, with boys names on each V. They are ratty and falling apart.
Who knows a secret about you that no one else does?: idk
What is your longest relationship to date?: This one. Over a month.
Who ended the last relationship you were in?: Me. Because he wanted what I didn't.
Have you ever gotten back with an ex?: No.
Are you bi?: No.
Have you ever done something with a friend of the same sex?: No.
Who was your first prom date?: My first (and only) prom date was Josh.
Have you ever dated someone more than three years older than you?: No
Have you ever dated someone a year younger than you?: Yes. Twice.
Have you ever fallen for a guy friend?: Story of my life, yo
Have you ever had a guy friend you weren't into, fall for you?: No.
Do you cry during romantic movies?: Yes.
Who was the last person to see you cry?: Drew. He always sees me cry.
Have you ever been used?: No
Have you ever felt violated?: Yes.
Do you like when I guy takes you by suprise and kisses you?: Sometimes
What do you think of red lipstick?: It doesn't suit me at all.
Do you ever leave the house without make up?: Yeah
Do you tan?: No. I've given up. I'm doomed to be pale forever.
What is your natural hair color?: Brown
Is it that right now?: Yes
Have you ever gone for someone despite knowing they were bad for you?: Yes, unfortunately
Do you prefer guys with dark hair or light hair?: doesn't matter
Have you kissed anyone who's name started with 'C'?: No
'D'?: Yes
'J'?: No
'K'?: No
'R'?: No
'T'?: Yes
Would you be more likely to date a redneck or a goth?: Goth
A prep or a skater?: skater
An athlete or a musician?: musician
When was the last time someone gave you flowers?: Graduation
What kind of gift can win you over?: Something thoughtful, or something that reminds me of memories that person and I have.
Has anyone ever sung to you?: Not really?
What was the stupidest thing you've done while drunk?: Never been drunk, thank you.
Are diamonds really a girls best friend?: Sometimes. I'm not a huge fan, though.
Gold or silver?: Silver
What is your favorite scent?: Cinnamon/chai tea
Do you like massages?: sometimes
Have you ever been skinny dipping?: no
Do you sleep naked?: no
Is smoking a turn-off?: Sometimes. It depends.
What is the perfect date?: No idea
Is there a certain tv show you get upset if you miss?: How I Met Your Mother
What is your favorite movie?: The History Boys.
When was the last time you spent the night at someone else's house?: Last night
Was that someone of the same or opposite sex?: Opposite
What is one food you always crave?: Junk food
Are you an exercise freak?: No way
What scares you more, spiders or snakes?: Spiders
Do you expect to be married in the next two years?: NOOOOO
What would you do if you found out you were pregnant?: We're not going into that, thank you.
Was the last person to call you male or female?: Male. It was Jer.
Does it matter if a guy has a sense of humor?: Yes. Sense of Humor is always a good thing.
Do you wish on shooting stars?: Never seen one.
What are your thoughts on guys who wear wifebeaters?: All my guy friends wear them under their shirts/to bed
Who do you vent to when something is bothering you?: I try to get Ed or Marcos
What is the best way to cool off when you're mad?: Go for a walk, get a way for a bit.
Do you have someone who is protective of you (father, brother, etc.)?: Ed, Marcos, and Josh.
Would you ever get implants?: No way
Have you ever had a crush on a sibling's friend?: No
Have you ever had a crush on a friend's sibling?: Yes
What is the corniest pick-up line someone's ever used on you?: Never had pick up lines used on me.
Does it mean more to you if a guy uses the word 'beautiful' about you?: No. I was desensitized to the word a long while ago.
Is your best friend a guy?: Yes
Are you more of a 'girly girl' or a 'tomboy'?: Middle range
Is your hair longer than your shoulders?: No.
Do you prefer showers or baths?: Showers, but baths occasionally
Have you ever dated someone with a child?: No
Have you ever dated someone shorter than you?: I think he was
Have you ever dated someone of another race?: Yes
Do you secretly still love to dress up for Halloween?: Yes
Have you kissed anyone today?: Yes
Will you kiss anyone tomorrow?: Probably
Are you addicted to texting?: Heck yes
If you and your best friend got arrested, what would it be for?: I don't know. Doing something stupid.
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

So I pretty much haven't used this since Spring, and now it's Fall. I'm away at college now, which is actually pretty interesting, to say the least. I've got some pretty fantastic friends here, and am taking some pretty good classes.

I love it here. I love my room, my roommate is pretty cool. I love the campus, despite the fact that I go to school in the middle of nowhere. The greatest thing to do around here is go to the Walmart/mall, and even that is in the next town over. I hang out with my cluster (aka Melanie and Drew) who I met at preview. I am also surprisingly managing to meet more people.

Also, surprisingly, there's a boy here who I am absolutely falling for. He asked me out pretty much second week of school, and I said yes. He's Drew from my preview orientation thing. He's pretty much an awesome guy.

I really can't complain. Life is going pretty great for me right now. Really, it is.