Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Survey Time

100 Girl Confessions
Created by daizy62 and taken 1469 times on Bzoink
Honestly, what are you thinking about right now?: That I don't want to go to this stupid meeting.
Do you like to get your nails done?: Yeah. I actually miss having my nails.
What are your thoughts on Valentine's Day?: I just don't like it. At all.
Do you remember the last movie you saw while on a date?: The only date I've ever been on, we saw Semi Pro.
Do you love the color pink?: Not particularly. It's okay, but I love other colors more.
Have you ever cheated on someone?: No
What color is your favorite bra?: Yellow with plaid
If you took on the surname of the last person you kissed, what would it be?: Brenner
Do you kiss on the first date?: It depends. I generally don't believe in it
Do you like to wear dresses?: Sometimes.
Are you into sports?: Not particularly. I love to watch Soccer and Hockey, though.
Do you like any 'manly' activities like hunting, fishing, or camping?: I don't think so.
Did you lose your virginity before you were sixteen?: No
If not, are you still a virgin?: yes
What was the name of your first boyfriend?: Kevin
Your first kiss?: That was with Paris
Are you still with either of those people from the last 2 questions?: No
Have you ever dated anyone on your top friends?: ?
How many of your top friends have you kissed?: ?
Have you ever used your bra to hold things like you would a pocket?: Unfortunately yes. But only like once or twice.
Are you a shop-a-holic?: Sometimes. Retail Therapy.
How many purses do you own?: A fair amount. Mommy owns more than me.
Describe your favorite pair of shoes:: Black Vans with white and pink V's on the side, with boys names on each V. They are ratty and falling apart.
Who knows a secret about you that no one else does?: idk
What is your longest relationship to date?: This one. Over a month.
Who ended the last relationship you were in?: Me. Because he wanted what I didn't.
Have you ever gotten back with an ex?: No.
Are you bi?: No.
Have you ever done something with a friend of the same sex?: No.
Who was your first prom date?: My first (and only) prom date was Josh.
Have you ever dated someone more than three years older than you?: No
Have you ever dated someone a year younger than you?: Yes. Twice.
Have you ever fallen for a guy friend?: Story of my life, yo
Have you ever had a guy friend you weren't into, fall for you?: No.
Do you cry during romantic movies?: Yes.
Who was the last person to see you cry?: Drew. He always sees me cry.
Have you ever been used?: No
Have you ever felt violated?: Yes.
Do you like when I guy takes you by suprise and kisses you?: Sometimes
What do you think of red lipstick?: It doesn't suit me at all.
Do you ever leave the house without make up?: Yeah
Do you tan?: No. I've given up. I'm doomed to be pale forever.
What is your natural hair color?: Brown
Is it that right now?: Yes
Have you ever gone for someone despite knowing they were bad for you?: Yes, unfortunately
Do you prefer guys with dark hair or light hair?: doesn't matter
Have you kissed anyone who's name started with 'C'?: No
'D'?: Yes
'J'?: No
'K'?: No
'R'?: No
'T'?: Yes
Would you be more likely to date a redneck or a goth?: Goth
A prep or a skater?: skater
An athlete or a musician?: musician
When was the last time someone gave you flowers?: Graduation
What kind of gift can win you over?: Something thoughtful, or something that reminds me of memories that person and I have.
Has anyone ever sung to you?: Not really?
What was the stupidest thing you've done while drunk?: Never been drunk, thank you.
Are diamonds really a girls best friend?: Sometimes. I'm not a huge fan, though.
Gold or silver?: Silver
What is your favorite scent?: Cinnamon/chai tea
Do you like massages?: sometimes
Have you ever been skinny dipping?: no
Do you sleep naked?: no
Is smoking a turn-off?: Sometimes. It depends.
What is the perfect date?: No idea
Is there a certain tv show you get upset if you miss?: How I Met Your Mother
What is your favorite movie?: The History Boys.
When was the last time you spent the night at someone else's house?: Last night
Was that someone of the same or opposite sex?: Opposite
What is one food you always crave?: Junk food
Are you an exercise freak?: No way
What scares you more, spiders or snakes?: Spiders
Do you expect to be married in the next two years?: NOOOOO
What would you do if you found out you were pregnant?: We're not going into that, thank you.
Was the last person to call you male or female?: Male. It was Jer.
Does it matter if a guy has a sense of humor?: Yes. Sense of Humor is always a good thing.
Do you wish on shooting stars?: Never seen one.
What are your thoughts on guys who wear wifebeaters?: All my guy friends wear them under their shirts/to bed
Who do you vent to when something is bothering you?: I try to get Ed or Marcos
What is the best way to cool off when you're mad?: Go for a walk, get a way for a bit.
Do you have someone who is protective of you (father, brother, etc.)?: Ed, Marcos, and Josh.
Would you ever get implants?: No way
Have you ever had a crush on a sibling's friend?: No
Have you ever had a crush on a friend's sibling?: Yes
What is the corniest pick-up line someone's ever used on you?: Never had pick up lines used on me.
Does it mean more to you if a guy uses the word 'beautiful' about you?: No. I was desensitized to the word a long while ago.
Is your best friend a guy?: Yes
Are you more of a 'girly girl' or a 'tomboy'?: Middle range
Is your hair longer than your shoulders?: No.
Do you prefer showers or baths?: Showers, but baths occasionally
Have you ever dated someone with a child?: No
Have you ever dated someone shorter than you?: I think he was
Have you ever dated someone of another race?: Yes
Do you secretly still love to dress up for Halloween?: Yes
Have you kissed anyone today?: Yes
Will you kiss anyone tomorrow?: Probably
Are you addicted to texting?: Heck yes
If you and your best friend got arrested, what would it be for?: I don't know. Doing something stupid.
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

So I pretty much haven't used this since Spring, and now it's Fall. I'm away at college now, which is actually pretty interesting, to say the least. I've got some pretty fantastic friends here, and am taking some pretty good classes.

I love it here. I love my room, my roommate is pretty cool. I love the campus, despite the fact that I go to school in the middle of nowhere. The greatest thing to do around here is go to the Walmart/mall, and even that is in the next town over. I hang out with my cluster (aka Melanie and Drew) who I met at preview. I am also surprisingly managing to meet more people.

Also, surprisingly, there's a boy here who I am absolutely falling for. He asked me out pretty much second week of school, and I said yes. He's Drew from my preview orientation thing. He's pretty much an awesome guy.

I really can't complain. Life is going pretty great for me right now. Really, it is.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grease & Thespian Gang Fights.

So my old High School did Grease for it's Spring Musical this year. Despite being FREAKISHLY disappointed that they did it this year, and not last year when I could be in it, I went twice. Also, I'd like to note that I donated paint for the set and gave time to help paint, because I'm a tech and stage crew person like that.

Anyways, the show was REALLY amazing. The choreography, the singing, the set, the costumes, EVERYTHING was fantastic. I'm not being biased, it was truly a good show. Most of my friends were in it, and they all did wonderfully. I was VERY impressed with Trent as Roger, especially since I've never really heard him sing before, and he pulled it off. Mom thought it was great as well, and we both really enjoyed ourselves.

I also got invited to the cast party on the second night, since Jer was working stage crew that night, and like I said, I'm friends with most of the cast and crew. That was pretty fun.

However, Franklin High School, which is like a ten to fifteen minute drive from OMHS, somehow ALSO got the rights to the show. The OMHS show was a week before Franklin's, and some Franklin people showed up to the show. Well, most of the OMHS cast and crew decided it'd be a nice idea if they went and supported Franklin's show. Again, I was invited by Ed and also just went because Jer was told about it and wanted to go. So we show up and a lot of the cast are wearing their OMHS Grease shirts and Josh, Trent, and Paris showed up wearing their T-Bird jackets. Well we took up a whole row as well as having some people in front of us and behind us from our group. Then a guy who was selling tickets, I assume a teacher advisor, came by and was like "No problems tonight, right guys? No problems." Umm... we just wanted to come see the show. Unfortunately, Stahl, Hanson, and Ms. Spadea hadn't showed up yet, so they weren't there to say anything in our defense. Like I said, the majority of the OMHS show came, including three of the four teacher advisors.

So the show starts, and suffice to say, it was horrible. And it's not just our group being biased because we're from OMHS. It was bad. They looked bored, they pretty much had no costumes, they didn't have their lines memorized, and.... it just wasn't a good show. The OMHS show was slightly different in that Stahl and Hanson worked on making the score more relevant to the revival stage show, rather than the original, which meant they had taken out two songs and added in Sandy, Shakin' At the High School Hop, Grease, and You're The One That I Want. Franklin didn't do this. Franklin has the money, the large stage, nice auditorium with a good sound system and lighting, but they don't know how to use it. OMHS doesn't have a lot, since we're slightly a ghetto school, but we use what we have very well.

What we found out during intermission, was that in their program, there was a notes section where people from the cast and crew could put in notes. One of these notes was whited out in most of the programs. Some people in our group scratched it out, and underneath it said "Franklin is > OMHS" Which wasn't fair. OMHS NEVER trash talked Franklin. Hanson pocketed one of the programs so he could send an email to the head of the drama department.

Well after the show, a bunch of us, including Mr. Stahl, got stopped by A COP saying that OMHS kids had to stay behind for a little bit. We were confused, I mean, what did we do? We had been polite the entire show, clapped at the appropriate times, and were in no way rude. Well, we're standing there for like five minutes before I realize I'm NOT an OMHS kid. I've graduated already! I could probably have just left, except A. I would have been leaving a bunch of friends, and B. I don't LOOK like I've graduated high school. I don't think they would have believed me. So I waited, and thankfully since some of the OMHS kids and Mr. Hanson realized not everyone had left yet, so he tracked back and saw us being held in the auditorium. He had a few words with the advisors and the police officer and we were set free. It turns out that the Franklin people thought we were going to start a gang fight. Oh yeah, let me tell you, that was SO what we were going to do. It's always those pesky theatre kids who start trouble. Pssh, yeah right.

We went to IHOP for a late dinner, and talked and hung out there. We hashed out their show, and complained about how they have trash talked the OMHS show, bragged about how their show is better, insulted OM in writing in both their program and the event page for their show on Facebook, AND accused us of trying to start a gang fight. Dude, we're theatre kids. The worst we'll do is sing at you. However, Mr. Hanson is planning on sending an email the principal of Franklin about the night's events and the ill treatment and disrespect that we received, and one of our girls complained to the director about the trash talk in the program.

But yeah, you want a gang fight, we could start a gang fight. The OMHS T-Birds could take the Franklin T-Birds hands down. We'll go all West Side Story on your butts, yo. You know, the whole snapping and crouching down low gang war thing. Because as I've said before, we're thespians. That's how we roll.

It was nice to see that OM has class and Franklin doesn't. Everyone's Facebook statuses got changed to reflect the night's events when we got home.

I guess it makes a fun story, though. Who would have thought that I would get accused of being involved in planning a gang fight and end up being detained by a cop?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Watching ER

Out of my list for my two days off, I managed to complete all but one item.

1. I managed to get all laundry done.
2. Got eyebrows done. This one coincides with number 6.
3. Mom deposited my paycheck, but my tax return check came later on Monday, so I ran it over on Tuesday myself.
4. I'm still working on my library books. Didn't finish any.
5. Since Ed was home all day yesterday until rehearsal I ran him over my Watchmen book and my converse sneakers so he could lace them for me. (They're kind of weird shoes, and he offered to figure out how to lace them so that I'd be pleased with how they looked.)
6. I happened to be driving to the mall to get my eyebrows done, and saw Kevin walking home. I picked him up and gave him the offer of going to the mall with me or me dropping him off at home. He opted for mall. So I ditched him at the book store to get my eyebrows done then we walked the mall for a bit before I took him home.

I've got an addiction for ER. A couple Christmases ago, I got season 3 on DVD. (It was the only season Mom could find at the time.) I started watching it a little while ago, and finished the season Monday night. So yesterday I went to Best Buy and bought seasons 1, 2, and 4. They were on sale for 16.99 which is an AMAZINGLY good price, considering they normally go for 40 or 50 dollars per set. I got 3 for the price I would have paid for one. Yay for shopping the sales! I want to get all of the seasons, but they've only released up to season 10. I love this show. I've found that I prefer the older seasons, but the newer ones are okay.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I went to Red Robin tonight to get my schedule, and it turns out that I've got both Monday and Tuesday off. That's quite nice. I've got a small list of things to do, which include:

1. Laundry
2. Get eyebrows done
3. Go to the bank and deposit check
4. Read more of my library books
5. Get my Watchmen book to Ed so he can get it to Vlad.
6. Try arranging with Kevin so we can go driving. Apparently he likes my car, and it also smells like cinnamon rolls and jolly ranchers to him.

That's about it, really. It doesn't seem like a whole lot, but it's still quite a bit, you know?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

All in all, I have no experience with males other than good friends.

My post about Ed's birthday celebration was titled something along the lines of being allowed to have a girly moment. I don't have those. I mean, I like to do my hair, and I will occasionally be bothered to put on my makeup (such as for the birthday dinner), but that's just about it. I don't talk about really girly things a whole lot. I think it's because of the fact that most of my friends are male, and thus talking to them is not really an option. I'm girly, but not a girly girl.

Which is why when moments such as the movie theatre moment happen, I tend to freak a bit. Because girly things don't happen to me. You know, like things involving guys or whatever. Kaitlyn can't really get how to deal with that, since they don't happen that often. Ed was teasing me about having a girly moment about it. Not my fault, if it happened on a regular basis then I might have some understanding, but no.

Ed knew right away sort of what happened and who it involved. But of course he would, he knows everything. He can read me like a book. So of course he had to get his bit of teasing in when I spilled it all. I mean, it's not much to spill, but like I said I don't do the whole girly thing that often and the only boys I ever hang out with are close friends or guys I have really no interest in. So this is all fairly odd.

So I guess now I've had the moment of girly freaking out, now I just have to figure out what happens next. Gah, it's all so freakishly confusing.

I know this is all very vague and not specific at all, but I needed to vent it out, and it's faster for me to type rather than hand write.

Pictures from Ed's birthday

Ed and Vlad
Ed being sung to by the servers.
Josh and Ed
Ed and I, the pierced ones.
Vlad, Kevin, and Sarah
Marcos and I.
The close up of Ed's industrial
Ed's cartiledge and lobe piercing
Before the piercing at Burger king
Before the piercing at Burger King

I think I have a right to be having a girly moment.

Here's my follow up post to yesterday's highlights of the day blog post.

Yesterday was Ed's 18th birthday. I managed to get out of my work shift early since Destiny owed me some time, and Ed and Kevin met me at my house at three. We drove my car, since it's newer and had a full tank of gas, to Randallstown where the piercing/tattoo place is. Ed and I tell the piercer what we want, since Kevin's not getting anything, and he gives us the consent forms. Unfortunately, neither of us had eaten much or at all that day and the piercer said to go get something to eat so we're not passing out on his table. Way to make us feel comfortable, Mr. Piercer Man Sir.

We went to Burger King since it was a short walk away, and got something small to eat. Then we headed back. Ed went back first, and got his three done. Then he came out, and the piercings suit him amazingly well. Then it was my turn. We go back and he's telling me what's going to happen, and he does my Tragus first. I'm told to take a deep breath in, and as I'm exhaling he puts the needle through. It barely hurt at all. The worst of it was the stinging when he was letting it bleed for a moment. Then he moves to my left ear to do the daith piercing. We go through the same breathing procedure, except the needle decides it doesn't want to go through as smoothly. So that one hurt a bit, but once again not too bad. He lets it bleed, puts in the jewelry, then cleans it up, and I'm done. They look great!

We drive home, and make arrangements to meet up at Red Robin for dinner. The three of us are joined by Sarah, Trent, Josh, Marcos, and Vlad. We're our usual crazy selves, which I blame on the fact that we're all theatre people. We get them to sing happy birthday to Ed, which was fun. Then we split the check, tipped the waitress, and left. At this point, Sarah and Kevin leave, and the rest of us go see Watchmen at the theatre down the road.

The movie was pretty awesome, and very long. Though I liked it quite a bit. All in all, the entire day was awesome.

Friday, March 6, 2009

What A Night...

Okay, so I started out typing a post, had to close my computer, and the computer decided to freeze up so I had to restart it. I lost everything I wrote. So because I'm tired and have to be up at 8 AM to go to a meeting at my Red Robin work, I'm going to say this:

1. I got two peircings. A tragus and a daith. Neither hurt as bad as I expected them to hurt. And they look amazing.

2. Watchmen was a good movie.

3. It is slightly awkward going to dinner at your job where earlier that day you wormed your way out of working your whole shift so you could get said piercings. Thankfully they don't know that and didn't see them.

4. One word/person that made my entire night: Vlad.

I'll make a more coherent post in the morning after I get home from work.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Once again, blogging while watching The Biggest Loser.

I'm getting closer and closer to being ready for school. Yesterday, I got the first round of several vaccines that I need, and I'm scheduled for a physical in May. I've already submitted my final transcript, applied for financial aid, submitted my housing form, and paid my deposit. I'm well on my way and I'm very excited. Aside from being nervous about not liking it there, or not knowing what I want to major in, or being afraid of not making any friends, or not being able to get back into the groove of school, I'm looking forward to it.

Unfortunately I have an aunt and uncle, one on either side of my family, who have seen my Facebook status updates about the piercings and seem to be not quite into it. I'm not surprised though, a lot of my family is very conservative. So it's going to be very interesting to see what the reaction is once I get them done. I mean, I'm doing this because I don't think there's anything wrong with piercings. I believe it is self expression. That's the same reason why I'm getting some sort of unnatural color in my hair before I go to school. Maybe a few streaks of purple or hot pink or something. I've never had funky color in my hair, and I'd like to do it before I go to school, since I wont be in work. Generally, I'm just a bit more "out there" I guess than a lot of my family.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Must read more.

So I've finally figured out what I'm getting done piercing wise. I'm getting three done. I'm getting a daith, a snug, and a tragus (the ring with the purple sphere on it, on that weird piece of your ear attached to your head.) It took me FOREVER to decide. Ed was making fun of me for it, because he decided his before I did.

I finally finished Watchmen. It was pretty interesting. It's not my favorite book, but it was good. I'm also getting back into the habit of journaling since I will go massive amounts of time between entries which SUCKS.

Well I'm tired and watching Camp, so I'll update later.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inventorying My Bookshelf

I finally did it, and here are the books on my shelf that I own but have not yet read.

1. The Host - Stephanie Meyer
2. The Last Summer (Of You & Me) - Ann Brashares
3. The Eyre Affair - Jasper Fforde
4. Shoe Addicts Anonymous - Beth Harbison
5. Son Of A Witch - Gregory Maguire
6. A Lion Among Men - Gregory Maguire
7. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close - Jonathan Safran Foer
8. The Good German - Joseph Kanon
9. Doctor Who: The Many Hands - Dale Smith
10. Doctor Who: The Story of Martha - Dan Abnett
11. The Woman In White - Wilke Collins
12. Hamlet - William Shakespeare
13. Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen
14. Lord of the Rings (1, 2, and 3 in one volume) - J.R.R Tolkien
15. The Chronicles of Narnia ( 1-7 box set) - C.S. Lewis

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Biggest Loser Is On Tonight!

Work was boring today, and will no doubt be the same way tomorrow. The only difference between today and tomorrow is that I will be working a double, so I'll open at 10:30 and leave around one, then come back at like 4 or 4:30 and work until around 7 or 8. In between shifts I need to do some laundry and play some Wii Fit.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to read more. So far this year, I have only read a very small number of books, and it is shameful. I mean, I don't go to school, and I only work. I should be able to read more than this. Unfortunately, the computer is sucking my life away. I'm currently in the middle of reading Watchmen, and then I'm going to get a head start on the books on my shelf that need to be read. This week I'll probably getting around to inventorying my bookshelf and finding out what books I haven't read yet. 

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Ted-ing out over here.

I SUCK at social situations. Ed asked if he could bring another friend along for the piercing thing since he hasn't seen her in ages, and I said sure. The only reason I'm feeling slightly "ugh" about saying sure is because I don't know her. And apparently she and Ed are really similar and share the same sense of humor, while I am chronically shy around people I don't know. It'll be like I'm ending up as the third wheel. It's going to be a total awkward situation. He tried introducing us on AIM but she had to leave the computer quickly, and then my computer froze up so I felt like a total jerk for not being able to talk much. Not like I could explain myself since it wasn't letting me type, but still. Hopefully it'll all be good when we actually go to the piercing place. Who knows, maybe we'll hit it off and get along. I mean, she apparently has Ed's sense of humor, and Ed said that I remind him of her and vice versa at times, so maybe I'm just over thinking. This will work out. I'm just over thinking and over exaggerating as always.

Holy crap, when did it become 6:37?

Ed and I have officially made plans to go get our piercings done on the sixth. It's his 18th birthday, so it'll be his first act of adulthood. He's pretty set on getting an industrial done. I was the same way until mom mentioned getting a tragus piercing. I can see the benefits of both, but I've been set on getting an industrial first. A tragus piercing would have been my next choice after the industrial. In any case, I'm going to be getting one or the other done that day, and I've pretty much got two weeks to figure out which one, and where to get it done. There are a couple of girls at both of my jobs who might know, so I'll be asking around to figure out where is the best place to go. 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogging While Listening to Britney Spears.

This is my new blog! I don't use my LiveJournal a whole lot, and this will be something to let my friends and family read to keep in touch. I don't have much to write now, but I'll update soon.