Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Watching ER

Out of my list for my two days off, I managed to complete all but one item.

1. I managed to get all laundry done.
2. Got eyebrows done. This one coincides with number 6.
3. Mom deposited my paycheck, but my tax return check came later on Monday, so I ran it over on Tuesday myself.
4. I'm still working on my library books. Didn't finish any.
5. Since Ed was home all day yesterday until rehearsal I ran him over my Watchmen book and my converse sneakers so he could lace them for me. (They're kind of weird shoes, and he offered to figure out how to lace them so that I'd be pleased with how they looked.)
6. I happened to be driving to the mall to get my eyebrows done, and saw Kevin walking home. I picked him up and gave him the offer of going to the mall with me or me dropping him off at home. He opted for mall. So I ditched him at the book store to get my eyebrows done then we walked the mall for a bit before I took him home.

I've got an addiction for ER. A couple Christmases ago, I got season 3 on DVD. (It was the only season Mom could find at the time.) I started watching it a little while ago, and finished the season Monday night. So yesterday I went to Best Buy and bought seasons 1, 2, and 4. They were on sale for 16.99 which is an AMAZINGLY good price, considering they normally go for 40 or 50 dollars per set. I got 3 for the price I would have paid for one. Yay for shopping the sales! I want to get all of the seasons, but they've only released up to season 10. I love this show. I've found that I prefer the older seasons, but the newer ones are okay.

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