Saturday, March 7, 2009

I think I have a right to be having a girly moment.

Here's my follow up post to yesterday's highlights of the day blog post.

Yesterday was Ed's 18th birthday. I managed to get out of my work shift early since Destiny owed me some time, and Ed and Kevin met me at my house at three. We drove my car, since it's newer and had a full tank of gas, to Randallstown where the piercing/tattoo place is. Ed and I tell the piercer what we want, since Kevin's not getting anything, and he gives us the consent forms. Unfortunately, neither of us had eaten much or at all that day and the piercer said to go get something to eat so we're not passing out on his table. Way to make us feel comfortable, Mr. Piercer Man Sir.

We went to Burger King since it was a short walk away, and got something small to eat. Then we headed back. Ed went back first, and got his three done. Then he came out, and the piercings suit him amazingly well. Then it was my turn. We go back and he's telling me what's going to happen, and he does my Tragus first. I'm told to take a deep breath in, and as I'm exhaling he puts the needle through. It barely hurt at all. The worst of it was the stinging when he was letting it bleed for a moment. Then he moves to my left ear to do the daith piercing. We go through the same breathing procedure, except the needle decides it doesn't want to go through as smoothly. So that one hurt a bit, but once again not too bad. He lets it bleed, puts in the jewelry, then cleans it up, and I'm done. They look great!

We drive home, and make arrangements to meet up at Red Robin for dinner. The three of us are joined by Sarah, Trent, Josh, Marcos, and Vlad. We're our usual crazy selves, which I blame on the fact that we're all theatre people. We get them to sing happy birthday to Ed, which was fun. Then we split the check, tipped the waitress, and left. At this point, Sarah and Kevin leave, and the rest of us go see Watchmen at the theatre down the road.

The movie was pretty awesome, and very long. Though I liked it quite a bit. All in all, the entire day was awesome.

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