Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grease & Thespian Gang Fights.

So my old High School did Grease for it's Spring Musical this year. Despite being FREAKISHLY disappointed that they did it this year, and not last year when I could be in it, I went twice. Also, I'd like to note that I donated paint for the set and gave time to help paint, because I'm a tech and stage crew person like that.

Anyways, the show was REALLY amazing. The choreography, the singing, the set, the costumes, EVERYTHING was fantastic. I'm not being biased, it was truly a good show. Most of my friends were in it, and they all did wonderfully. I was VERY impressed with Trent as Roger, especially since I've never really heard him sing before, and he pulled it off. Mom thought it was great as well, and we both really enjoyed ourselves.

I also got invited to the cast party on the second night, since Jer was working stage crew that night, and like I said, I'm friends with most of the cast and crew. That was pretty fun.

However, Franklin High School, which is like a ten to fifteen minute drive from OMHS, somehow ALSO got the rights to the show. The OMHS show was a week before Franklin's, and some Franklin people showed up to the show. Well, most of the OMHS cast and crew decided it'd be a nice idea if they went and supported Franklin's show. Again, I was invited by Ed and also just went because Jer was told about it and wanted to go. So we show up and a lot of the cast are wearing their OMHS Grease shirts and Josh, Trent, and Paris showed up wearing their T-Bird jackets. Well we took up a whole row as well as having some people in front of us and behind us from our group. Then a guy who was selling tickets, I assume a teacher advisor, came by and was like "No problems tonight, right guys? No problems." Umm... we just wanted to come see the show. Unfortunately, Stahl, Hanson, and Ms. Spadea hadn't showed up yet, so they weren't there to say anything in our defense. Like I said, the majority of the OMHS show came, including three of the four teacher advisors.

So the show starts, and suffice to say, it was horrible. And it's not just our group being biased because we're from OMHS. It was bad. They looked bored, they pretty much had no costumes, they didn't have their lines memorized, and.... it just wasn't a good show. The OMHS show was slightly different in that Stahl and Hanson worked on making the score more relevant to the revival stage show, rather than the original, which meant they had taken out two songs and added in Sandy, Shakin' At the High School Hop, Grease, and You're The One That I Want. Franklin didn't do this. Franklin has the money, the large stage, nice auditorium with a good sound system and lighting, but they don't know how to use it. OMHS doesn't have a lot, since we're slightly a ghetto school, but we use what we have very well.

What we found out during intermission, was that in their program, there was a notes section where people from the cast and crew could put in notes. One of these notes was whited out in most of the programs. Some people in our group scratched it out, and underneath it said "Franklin is > OMHS" Which wasn't fair. OMHS NEVER trash talked Franklin. Hanson pocketed one of the programs so he could send an email to the head of the drama department.

Well after the show, a bunch of us, including Mr. Stahl, got stopped by A COP saying that OMHS kids had to stay behind for a little bit. We were confused, I mean, what did we do? We had been polite the entire show, clapped at the appropriate times, and were in no way rude. Well, we're standing there for like five minutes before I realize I'm NOT an OMHS kid. I've graduated already! I could probably have just left, except A. I would have been leaving a bunch of friends, and B. I don't LOOK like I've graduated high school. I don't think they would have believed me. So I waited, and thankfully since some of the OMHS kids and Mr. Hanson realized not everyone had left yet, so he tracked back and saw us being held in the auditorium. He had a few words with the advisors and the police officer and we were set free. It turns out that the Franklin people thought we were going to start a gang fight. Oh yeah, let me tell you, that was SO what we were going to do. It's always those pesky theatre kids who start trouble. Pssh, yeah right.

We went to IHOP for a late dinner, and talked and hung out there. We hashed out their show, and complained about how they have trash talked the OMHS show, bragged about how their show is better, insulted OM in writing in both their program and the event page for their show on Facebook, AND accused us of trying to start a gang fight. Dude, we're theatre kids. The worst we'll do is sing at you. However, Mr. Hanson is planning on sending an email the principal of Franklin about the night's events and the ill treatment and disrespect that we received, and one of our girls complained to the director about the trash talk in the program.

But yeah, you want a gang fight, we could start a gang fight. The OMHS T-Birds could take the Franklin T-Birds hands down. We'll go all West Side Story on your butts, yo. You know, the whole snapping and crouching down low gang war thing. Because as I've said before, we're thespians. That's how we roll.

It was nice to see that OM has class and Franklin doesn't. Everyone's Facebook statuses got changed to reflect the night's events when we got home.

I guess it makes a fun story, though. Who would have thought that I would get accused of being involved in planning a gang fight and end up being detained by a cop?

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