Sunday, October 11, 2009

So I pretty much haven't used this since Spring, and now it's Fall. I'm away at college now, which is actually pretty interesting, to say the least. I've got some pretty fantastic friends here, and am taking some pretty good classes.

I love it here. I love my room, my roommate is pretty cool. I love the campus, despite the fact that I go to school in the middle of nowhere. The greatest thing to do around here is go to the Walmart/mall, and even that is in the next town over. I hang out with my cluster (aka Melanie and Drew) who I met at preview. I am also surprisingly managing to meet more people.

Also, surprisingly, there's a boy here who I am absolutely falling for. He asked me out pretty much second week of school, and I said yes. He's Drew from my preview orientation thing. He's pretty much an awesome guy.

I really can't complain. Life is going pretty great for me right now. Really, it is.

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