Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Ted-ing out over here.

I SUCK at social situations. Ed asked if he could bring another friend along for the piercing thing since he hasn't seen her in ages, and I said sure. The only reason I'm feeling slightly "ugh" about saying sure is because I don't know her. And apparently she and Ed are really similar and share the same sense of humor, while I am chronically shy around people I don't know. It'll be like I'm ending up as the third wheel. It's going to be a total awkward situation. He tried introducing us on AIM but she had to leave the computer quickly, and then my computer froze up so I felt like a total jerk for not being able to talk much. Not like I could explain myself since it wasn't letting me type, but still. Hopefully it'll all be good when we actually go to the piercing place. Who knows, maybe we'll hit it off and get along. I mean, she apparently has Ed's sense of humor, and Ed said that I remind him of her and vice versa at times, so maybe I'm just over thinking. This will work out. I'm just over thinking and over exaggerating as always.

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